Artist FAQ

Why sell on

We connect and build a worldwide marketplace for independent artist and share more collector with gallery.

Why you should join us, right now:

  •     Reach tens of thousands of global art lovers.
  •     Provide you the most magnificent VR showroom for all your artworks.
  •     Take total control of your store, your pricing and listings, sharing your artworks on major social medial platform and easily to get performance stats and insights
  •     Create a platform for young and talented artists
  •     Art360D provide the secure, fast and fair payments for artists and seller with lowest commission rates
  •     VR and AI technologies with supporting tools to help you build your career

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How do I apply to sell on

To apply to sell on Art360D,  click here.

In order to apply, you must have a few quality examples of your work, and an instruction of your career. To setup your account with Art360D.

  •     Tell us your story and why you wish to be accepted on Art360D. Be as imaginative and detailed as you wish - we want to understand what makes you and your art!
  •     Submit high quality images. Your shop will be managed by you, so quality photography will show us that you are committed to a professional, well-managed shop.
  •     Be as specific as you can while completing the details of your artworks. For example, under Medium we would like to know the dimensions of your artworks, as well as the materials used or the techniques used.
  •     Show your best work. All artists produce works in their portfolio that are less strong. That's okay. But show us that you understand that it's about quality, not quantity. Bad quality work will detract from your good work. Know when an artwork is not ready for prime time.