About Us

Company Introduction The company was founded in November 2016. The company is headquartered in New York. The company is mainly engaged in cultural exchanges and art investment projects. We founded the concept of Internet plus art. 360 aims to transparently open high-end mysterious works of art through online platforms. Intuitive way to showcase the Southern Artist Collector's Connoisseurs and Artistic Seekers and provide a language switching system on the global air art platform. It is convenient for the country to communicate and appreciate the different styles of different styles. Players, art galleries, galleries, new generations, art, Qinglian, etc. provide art market information and consulting services, including virtual gallery auctions, preview artists, product appreciation, art commentary interviews, etc., and strive to meet the needs of different levels to make art live.

The online art trade and exhibition line still provides a full range of platform service platforms for artists and curators and buyers around the world to provide art exhibitions and auctions and commissioned artists to apply advanced VR technology to artists' galleries. Heart art lovers provide virtual online gallery-style evening art education to provide young artists with a record of artistic career growth and precipitation qualifications


Curation and cultural exchanges to provide artists with cross-border auto show services to enhance the artist's international popularity. 2 Provide an international art exchange platform for artists through a variety of media to expand their influence. Let your art works directly impact the world's art front to 16 about the world. Crossroads New York Times Square is an art market that leads art investment and is approaching increasingly transparent